Digitech WH-1 Whammy Reissue

Basically as soon as Tom Morello hit the big time with his whacked out Rage Against The Machine riffs, the prices of the original WH-1 sky rocketed. Thankfully, Digitech saw the wisdom in reissuing the WH-1 with a couple of additional features. The Digitech WH-1 Whammy Reissue includes the Dive Bomb effect, that does a good job of reproducing the noise you get when pushing a Floyd Rose whammy bar all the way down on the guitar, as well as a MIDI in jack that allows you to control the WH-1 via other MIDI units.

The WH-1 allows for real time control of 1-2 octaves up and down, as well as some harmonizer functions. The WH-1 is an essential pedal for anyone looking to replicate Tom Morello's guitar sound. Other well known Digitech WH-1 Whammy users include Joe Satriani and Matt Bellamy (Muse).

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