Jon Donais Guitar Rig

Jon Donais (Shadows Fall and Anthrax) guitar rig

Jon Donais forms the other half of the Shadows Fall potent guitar attack. In comparison to his bandmate, Matt Bachand, Donias has kept his guitar rig relatively simple. In 2013 Donais joined Scott Ian in Anthrax.

In an April 2016 interview with Premiere Guitar Donais is listed as using the following when playing with Anthrax:


  • Legator Jon Donais Signature Ninja Reverse 300-Pro (with Fishman Fluence humbuckers)


  • Rivera Knucklehead Tre Reverb (120 watts)
    Rivera 4x12 (with Celestion Vintage 30s)


  • Vox V847 Wah
  • Maxon OD-9 Overdrive
  • CP-9 Pro Plus Compressor
  • TC Electronic Spark Booster
  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
  • MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
  • Rocktron Hush Super C noise gate

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Strings and Picks

  • DR Tite-Fit LT-9 (.009–.042)
  • Dunlop Tortex .73 mm sharp picks

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A picture of his board - see below - from the Godlyke promotional video published in 2015 features the Maxon OD-9 Overdrive, Maxon CP-9 Compressor, Dunlop Crybaby, Boss Tuner and what I believe is the Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor. The Maxon AD10 Analog Delay is going through the effects loops. Donais' website also lists him using the MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay so potentially the AD10 may have only been used for promotional purposes.

Jon Donais Pedal Board

Jon Donais pre-Anthrax era

In 2007, Donais picked up an ESP endorsement and played a custom Jon Donais ESP model, which features a EMG85/81 pickup combination. Previously he held a Washburn endorsement, and used a Washburn Face Eraser, which was his signature model.

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Donais has endorsed Krank amplifiers, and played through a Krank Revolution Series 1 heads and Krank Chadwick heads, into Krank Revolution 4x12" cabinets.

In terms of his earlier effects line up, Donais used a Maxon OD808 Overdrive and Dunlop Crybaby Wah.

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Donais' early rig was featured in the Guitar World Vulgar Display of Power column, and is pictured below.

At the time he was using two Washburn NX6's with EMG85/EMG81pickups. One tuned down a whole step and the other tuned to Drop-D then down a whole step.

For amplification, he was using a Marshall JCM800 All-Tube 2203 head into a Marshall 1960B straight front 300 watt 4x12 cabinet loaded with 75-watt Celestion speakers. A second JCM800 is kept on head as a back up.

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Effects wise he was using a Korg AX30G Guitar Effects Processor and Dunlop Crybaby Wah. Interestingly at the time he was plugging into the low input of the JCM800 and relying on the Korg unit for his distortion.

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Here's a video Donais did for Godlyke in 2015 where he runs through the sounds he gets from his Maxon pedals.

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